When we used talk about pelvic health as a woman , our only answer for years was the Kegel— no matter what our problem was.  Whether we are 18 or 80, have 10 kids or no kids, we are working with the same anatomy.   In the past, studies for women have been sorely lacking in everything from ACL tears, pregnancy and postpartum athleticism, fitness in older adults, to joint replacements. Recently, however, there have been some excellent resources in pelvic health and fitness. Below is video of the concept of Piston Breathing and how to access our pelvic floor correctly; not just doing a Kegel. For any woman who wants to lift properly and improve their performance, this is a simple exercise to start to activate the pelvic floor.

Why do we need to do this? In order to return to our fitness regimen safely and optimally,  we need to know how to contract our pelvic floor for support. Peeing with DUBS and never had kids? Pelvic floor strategies are not just for women who have been pregnant or had babies. Competitive athletes may have issues with their pelvic floor because they have been told to contract their core with every movement, rather than access those deep stabilizers only when needed. By learning how to be in tune with our pelvic floor, we can improve lifting mechanics and ultimately improve our strength, form, and health . Want to learn more about Piston Breathing, pregnant and post partum athleticism or have an individualized total body diagnostic and assessment? I am bridging the gap between pelvic floor physical therapy and exercise/high intensity training safely for all women . Contact me for an appointment to continue your journey safely.

Kellie Bedoni