On comprehensive 1:1 advantage:

"I suffered from low back pain and vertigo for several months. I saw Kellie for treatment and was impressed with how well Kellie developed a comprehensive plan to address both my vertigo and low back pain. My vertigo symptoms went away in 2-3 treatments and my low back pain eased with treatment and exercise. I was also impressed on how well Kellie involved me in my care; she discussed options and treatments that fit my busy work schedule and lifestyle, creating a great partnership. Since being discharged, I have referred family members and close friends with great results."  —Mary

“I waited to go and see Kellie because I assumed the pain I was having this from an old injury. I had already gone to a chiropractor and PT and was frustrated about the idea of going to another specialist. When I got to Kellie she shared with me that she felt my pain was coming from a totally different reason.”

On treating the Female Athlete

"There was running in my workout and my leg didn't hurt at all. I could feel my stride when walking was smoother. Thank you so much."  --KFIT member

"I felt so much more confident walking and working out. I actually went hiking again."—Molly

“C____e made the club team and has a call back for a higher level (soccer club). She is so excited. Before seeing you her hip was in so much pain and she was so concerned about her injury that we were afraid she wouldn’t be even able to try out. Your visit was exactly what she needed and I can’t thank you enough.” Jen, soccer mom

“K….e” is so lucky to have you come to us. She couldn’t have done her showcase without you.” —Heather, Dance mom

“Kellie is so down to earth but super smart. She is the type of person that thinks 10 steps ahead of you before you even finish your sentence. She is so knowledgeable about the body but talks to you in a way that allows you to understand the basics of where she’s coming from. It was really reassuring to speak with her because it is so clear she knows exactly what she’s talking about. She’s also a woman and a mom herself so she’s relatable!

On postpartum care and FITPartum

“My son was born via VBAC and I developed a prolapse, hip impingement, severe muscle imbalances resulting in nerve pain in my pelvis. I couldn’t exercise without ending up in severe pain in my back and hips. I was completely lost for the first 11 months postpartum. I tried several programs and physical therapists without any success until I finally found Kellie around 11 months postpartum. She is hands down the best physical therapist I have ever known. She’s helped me correct muscles imbalances, get stronger, get out of pain and return to movement and exercise that I love, things I actually worried I’d never do again. Kellie took into account all aspects of my injuries including helping me safely return to exercise from a women’s health standpoint and my sports/ortho injuries as well. She really helped me with the whole picture when no one else could. I am incredibly grateful! “ Joanna, Mom of 2

"I feel much more confident working out after seeing you and having you look at my Diastasis Recti."—Dana

“After completing the FitPartum program with Kellie and Ally I am now much more aware of my breathing and really trying to engage my pelvic floor during my work outs. I feel much better during my work outs and I am fully aware of my limits right now which I would say is pretty important for me because I know I would definitely be attempting movements in class that I shouldn't be doing right away because my body is still recovering from child birth.—Katie