On comprehensive 1:1 advantage:

"I suffered from low back pain and vertigo for several months. I saw Kellie for treatment and was impressed with how well Kellie developed a comprehensive plan to address both my vertigo and low back pain. My vertigo symptoms went away in 2-3 treatments and my low back pain eased with treatment and exercise. I was also impressed on how well Kellie involved me in my care; she discussed options and treatments that fit my busy work schedule and lifestyle, creating a great partnership. Since being discharged, I have referred family members and close friends with great results."  —Mary

On chronic issues:

"There was running in my workout and my leg didn't hurt at all. I could feel my stride when walking was smoother. Thank you so much."  --KFIT member

"I felt so much more confident walking and working out. I actually went hiking again."—Molly

On postpartum care

"I feel much more confident working out after seeing you and having you look at my Diastasis Recti."—Dana