Concierge Care

I started concierge treatment because I understand your expectations and needs as a patient. My sessions are based on what you need to maximize your performance and goals. You have the option for me to come to your home or office, as well as KFITBODY in Hingham. This model allows us to improve your outcomes by treating you as a whole , resulting in shorter duration, giving you the results you want, and the care you deserve.

How am I different?

  • Having advanced training, multiple certifications, a doctoral degree and 20 years of sports medicine experience, I am able to comprehensively address your pain and get to your problem quickly. I believe in a patient centered approach which uses our 1:1 time together to create a customized treatment and program. My outcomes are better, and in a shorter time, than conventional clinic therapy.

  • I am bridging the gap between pelvic health PT and exercise as a Pregnant and Postpartum Athleticism Coach. I evaluate your breathing techniques with lifting, Diastasis Recti and overall needs. We then take your individual findings and goals to create techniques to help you return safely to your workout regimen.

  • Have a meeting or need to be on a call? Can't find a babysitter? Don't have time to fit PT into your busy schedule? No problem! I can work around anything to make your life easier while still getting expert care

  • What I offer:

  • Free phone or email consultation to introduce myself and see how I can help

  • Full physical therapy evaluation and treatment for 1 hour or more without restrictions.

  • Dry needling

  • Taping for injuries and pain

  • Pregnancy and postpartum physical therapy program

  • Follow up communication for any questions

  • Documentation to submit to your insurance company for any reimbursement needed

  • Updates on your care to your physicians as needed

  • Individualized home program tailored to your needs


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In House PT at KFITBODY in Hingham